Graduation Reflections

Ways We Enabled Box Leaders to Enable Positive Social Impact

Since early 2014 has enabled thousands of nonprofits and #boxcommunity members to serve many millions of people and generate massive amounts of positive social impact. 

I feel grateful every day for the social, environmental and economic value creation we’ve powered as a radically collaborative extended impact family. Helping launch and lead has been one of the most challenging and fulfilling pursuits of my 25+ year career. Box is a special place led by special people. was built to enable three stakeholder groups: Nonprofits/Communities, Box employees [Boxers] and Box Inc. to fulfill their overlapping missions. We’ve done this by steadily increasing the bi-directional value flow across three pillars: Box tech, Boxers and Box Inc.

Here are my nine favorite memories (three per pillar).

Boxer Pillar:

1.)  Global Holiday Impact Days 2018 and 2019 serving dozens of amazing nonprofits.

2.)  Box Sales Kick-offs aka Box Vision benefiting Little Kids Rock, Girl Scouts or Northern California, charity:water, Special Olympics of Northern California and many more.

3.)  International Rescue Committee’s CEO David Miliband speaking at Box Leaders Day which earned a standing ovation and inspired Boxers to donate hundreds of thousands of dollars to IRC during the first immigration ban.

Box Tech Pillar:

1.)   The day the #ImpactCloud was born at the Clinton Global Initiative summit in 2015.

2.)   BoxWorks for Nonprofits- Especially 2018 and 2019 nonprofit sessions and social impact keynotes raising awareness and funds for International Rescue Committee, Black Girls Code, Think of Us, NetHope and Path.

3.) NetHope Global Summits in San Jose, Denmark, Atlanta, Dublin and Puerto Rico. It’s been fun seeing the NetHope family (NGOs & Tech Partners) grow their ranks and impact.

Box Inc Pillar:

1.)  Announcing the first major grant from the Fund ($225K over three years for the founding and scaling of the CDN- Center for the Digital Nonprofit) after establishing the sustainable funding model).

2.)  Moderating a “Tech Stands with Planned Parenthood” panel at Box Austin during SXSW with incredible leaders I support and admire.

One additional memory to savor… Getting to attend [and bring my family to] a Laudato Si Challenge Foundation summit at the Vatican in Rome, Italy to discuss commitments to serve displaced individuals around the world.

I’ll also never forget seeing the #boxcommunity respond to COVID-19 with empathy, focus and intensity. The incredible effort to support nonprofits and communities, Boxers, Box clients and partners in this incredibly challenging time has been hope inspiring to say the least. Every pillar has been in full activation mode. has always punched well above its weight in corporate social impact circles. This has been possible because we’ve helped scale coalitions like #ImpactCloud and Pledge 1% and partnered with the top social impact ecosystems in the world like TechSoup and NetHope. However, the main reason we’ve been so successful is because of these two amazing leaders: Christina Louie Dyer and Lauren Coberly.

In standard form, these rockstars orchestrated a memorable send-off call.

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