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Navigating your BEst career.

Navigating your BEst career

For the first time in years, I did a face to face yoga class on my lunch break last Friday. Our wise teacher offered life navigation tips as we stretched and rebooted our bodies and minds. In sum, she suggested

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Watch Bryan's career story here!

My Career Story: Bryan Breckenridge

People always ask me where my energy comes from and why / how I got into corporate social impact. I hope this short seven minute cartoon animation [created by a rockstar mentee of mine Louis Caeser] answers their questions and inspires

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Supercharging Nonprofit [S]heroes

The past 13+ years of my career have been devoted to supercharging nonprofit leaders and their organizations.  A couple of years ago, during my stint as Founding Executive Director of, I got to spend a couple days in New

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BEating Pain

Can you remember a time you avoided something painful? Did avoiding it serve you? Why/How? Something tells me almost one hundred percent of folks reading this post have.

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BEing enough

In what areas of your life do you feel you have or you are enough? Like many folks, I work my ass off. I also parent and partner my ass off, exercise…, share…, travel…, learn…, explore…, journal…, meditate…, heal…, laugh…, etc my ass off.

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