BEing enough

In what areas of your life do you feel you have or you are enough?

Like many folks, I work my ass off.  I also parent and partner my ass off, exercise…, share…, travel…, learn…, explore…, journal…, meditate…, heal…, laugh…, etc my ass off.  I even relax my ass off (ever so rarely).  But, why?  Why do most of the people I know and love do what they do with such intensity?

I love that I apply myself fully to the missions that move me.  I’m grateful for what BEing fully me brings into my life and the life of my triBE.  I also admire my friends and loved ones who do and experience the same.  However, I bet if we all paused for a few minutes and reflected on our way of BEing… the deeper “why” we obsessively do the things we do… we’d realize that ego (the grasping and attached version of ourselves) and feelings of fear or inadequacy are also fueling our fire.

I never expect to fully release my fear of “failure” or late blooming rooted over-achievement motivators, but I do expect to know more and more when they’re in the driver’s seat.  I aspire to, when they do have the wheel, to notice, pull over (aka pause) and replace them with the truth which is that I am enough.  Getting back on the road from an “enough” place assures a smoother and more fulfilling drive through this incredibly short life we’re lucky to have.

Sometimes even giving “enough” even 20 seconds at the wheel gives us enough time to see a friend’s smile, or a sunset or other things that we may normally unconsciously fly past.  A true visit from “enough” can fill us with enough gratitude to not do 9pm-midnight busy work shift on our computer that our fearful or inadequate self would have us do even when it isn’t needed for any reason at all.

Ambition isn’t bad… especially if it’s rooted in good intent and non-harming.  Ambition is great, but mindful ambition accompanied by constant reflection on the “why”,  a sense of  “enough” and moments of gratitude is even BEtter.

Why do I continue to pen and share posts?  Why did I write this instead of just relaxing on the couch or reading my book?  Why… Why… Why…

Pause… [mindfully eat a fancy cracker with blue cheese… fully taste it…  ahhhh- so good]  Welcome back to “enough” psyche. 🙂

This tiny post will not tackle even 1% of the meaty topics of motivation, self-awareness or mindfulness, but I hope it inspires many of us to pause before, during or after the next work, social or health bender and ask ourselves why we’re bendering [I know it’s not a word- just go with it- it’s “enough” to make the point.] 🙂

Let’s all continue to strive for our inner and outer horizons, elevate to our brightest and best selves, achieve every inner and outer aspiration we have, collaborate with and serve our loved ones and all beings, but let’s not to forget to pause and reflect on our why… Let’s strive to feel “enough” as much as possible along the path… even if the louder voices of fear and inadequacy try to prevent it.


Journal about a recent work, social or health bender [aka an intense period of obsessive focus bender] you pursued.  Write about where in it could you have paused and reflected on the “why” of it.  When could you have arrived at an “enough” place well before the bender eventually spit you out or hasn’t yet!  Journal about other areas you are applying your energy and gifts and the why’s for each.  Would infusing more “enough” into them change your approach?  Would it free you up for more fulfilling endeavors?

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