A New Signature

Have you ever experienced a major life transition (rebirth)? What were the baby steps of progress you made during the most intense parts of it?  Why were they important?

In 2008, I was in the middle of a steep learning curve from multiple personal and professional life transitions (rebirths).  One day I decided to change my autograph.

This was an important baby step for me in many ways.

  1. I realized that my creative side was starting to atrophy.  Designing a new signature would be a fun project that flexed my artistic muscles again.
  2. I determined that I had the freedom to do whatever I wanted with my signature (and in my life).  I owned my own decisions.  The sense of ownership and empowerment felt good.
  3. It was a high stakes project.  Afterall, I’d see that damn thing every time I transacted for something.  If you get out of bed everyday  you know how many times we buy things in modern society (especially in The Bay Area).  It was a momentum building win.  I’ve used it for three years and still love it!
  4. The final design was inspired by a couple things:   Trail runs on Mount Tam here in the San Francisco area.  It’s my version of an Olympic event icon for endurance livin’ (much more then exercise) on Mount Tam.

It’s also a design I saw painted on a hotel wall on the Spanish coast near Barcelona.  I woke up from a nap one day and saw it.  It reminded me of the great sunset I’d seen the night before.

I now get to think of my most favorite mountain & hobby and a European vacation every time I sign something.

  1. I needed to simplify things significantly on multiple levels at that time.  Having a simpler signature reminded me of that every day.
  2. It confirmed that I do genuinely like change.
  3. Finally, the new signature requires less ink.  I’m saving a bundle on pens…(noooot) 🙂


Assignment: Reflect on successful baby steps you made during a transition (rebirth).  Write them down.  If you’re in a transition now and much in need of a simple win, change your signature (even if slightly).  You may quickly realize your own reasons for why it was a giant step disguised as a baby one.

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